The 2015 General Elections have come and gone, With active monitoring of the process by CSNAC. Despite its popular adjudgment as free and fair, some results will be contested at the Electoral Tribunals and their composition already begun, as some judges have been nominated to constitute State Tribunals. CSNAC is in line with its election monitoring project, embark on a monitoring of the tribunal process as well as its membership constitution.

Election petition process is an integral part of the Electoral System and very critical to deepening democracy as well as promoting public accountability and good governance. Whereas the outcomes of the 2015 General elections have been largely applauded, it is pertinent that the exercise is properly concluded and fortified by a credible, impartial and swift election petition process as this will improve and increase public confidence in electoral democracy and help reduce pre and post election violence and resort to self-help. In view of the foregoing therefore, and more importantly against the background of allegations of corruption and untoward practices by some judges involved in previous election petition processes, it is more imperative that all hands come on deck to support the Judiciary to rise up to this all important national assignment. To this end, CSNAC has launched a citizens centered campaign to support and strengthen the integrity of the Judiciary by ensuring that only credible Judges participate in the Election Petition Tribunals. We request and encourage members of the public, who may have any information of questionable conduct against any of the Judges on the list published for election Tribunal, to kindly avail us with such information.

It is important that any information provided must be credible, verifiable and cogent. Any information found to be malicious and frivolous might be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation and possible prosecution. Such an informant might also have a civil law suit on defamation instituted against him.

CSNAC however, assures anyone with useful information and petitions that information provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality and their identities will be protected. Such information/petitions should be forwarded to:
CSNAC will collate information gathered for immediate referral to the Judicial Service Commission for investigations, review and possible recall of indicted judges.
We count on the cooperation of all members of the general public in ensuring that only judges who are competent and of high moral standing and integrity are members of Election Tribunals. That way, we would have contributed our quota in strengthening our democracy and giving more credence to our electoral system.